Tutta’s Pizza on Food Network’s DDD!

Chefs Jeremy Scott and Guy Fieri @ Tutta’s Pizza in the West End Historic District Dallas, TX

If you’ve been living under a rock over the past 5 months you might not know that we were fortunate enough to have the Mayor of #Flavortown pay us a visit back in 2017! “When we got the call that we had been selected to be on DDD it was a dream literally coming true.” Jeremy Scott (Chef/Owner) has been watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for as long as the show has been on the air. He is a huge fan of Guy Fieri, not just because he has a big personality much like Scott does, but because he is a true philanthropist. “The fact that Guy goes all over the country shedding light on locally owned Mom and Pop restaurants is not only philanthropic in and of itself, but he does so much for kids and his own community while also being a good Dad and Hubby. Pretty cool in my book.” Scott says.

The two hit it off on screen and off screen immediately. Guy even teased Jeremy about using the word “Rethermalize” in place of “heat up” and his other non-traditional ways of making magic happen in the kitchen. If you haven’t seen the episode you’ll want to tune in to Food Network on June 9th @ 9p CST to catch it live, or you can navigate to Food Network’s app and log in and stream it as much as you like. Link to rerun times and episode information here!

Until then, get in to the restaurant and tell us what your favorite pizza is! We can’t wait to serve you!


Come in and have your picture taken with Guy’s likeness and eat one of the featured pizza from our episode…The Chipper and The Texan pizza!

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