Now Showing: Hilda LaFleur

Now Showing: Hilda LaFleur

In addition to bringing you the best food and drink Dallas has to offer, we want to bring you the best talent Dallas has to offer!

Throughout the month, you will be able to catch local and regional music acts, as well as comedians, on the Tutta’s stage.  In addition to live talent, we’re showcasing local visual artists.  Those bare walls are finally gone thanks to Hilda LaFleur!  On Tuesday, Hilda came in and brought us several pieces from her collection to showcase.  These pieces are available to purchase as well, so just let us know if you are interested!

A little about Hilda…  Hilda LaFleur is a local artist with a 30 year teaching tenure under her belt.  With a unique concoction of oils and acrylics, she brings bright colors to live and creativity to the canvas.  Taking inspiration from the places she’s been, the people she’s met, translating these live experiences on Masonite has been a fulfilling realization.  While experimenting with her craft, she has found a new and exciting technique that makes the colors vivacious and images pop!

Come into Tutta’s to experience Hilda’s work in person and check her out online to see her entire collection!

Instagram – hildalafleur

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